Programming Project Source Code

What I will be showing in this post about my final program is the source code, which is basically the code that you write to get the program to output that you want it to.  Just a warning, my code is a little long, so it will take a while to read it if you decide to.  I’ve embedded it in the bottom of this post, along with a file with my project and a file saying how to run it. Continue reading Programming Project Source Code

Technicalities of My Programming Project

For my Programming Cumulative Project, I decided to do a Buzzfeed type Personality Quiz that will tell the user which Lincoln Lutheran teacher they are.  The source code was based on mostly things that I had already learned how to do, except for one thing- the dictionary function, which I’ll get more into in the next paragraph.  The output provides the user with their result, along with a short 1-2 sentence description of the teacher they are most like.

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My Cumulative Project

For my cumulative Programming Project, I decided to create a personality quiz.  I did this because I had always thought it would be interesting to try and create the quiz.  I had gotten the idea from one of my friends on one of the questions of the week that we do to create a personality quiz that tells the user what teacher at Lincoln Lutheran they were and I thought that it would be a lot of fun, so I decided to do it.  I sent out a survey to all the teachers at LL asking a few questions about themselves that I thought would be good questions to ask my classmates and I got 17 responses.

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In my senior year of high school, I decided to take a programming class (we use Python).  I had been approached by multiple people who took programming in the past and told me that I should take it because it was useful for college and beyond.  So far, it has been tough.  We have a lot of homework most of the time, but I like to think that I have good time management skills, so it hasn’t been as hard as it could be.  I am writing this when we are just over halfway through the class, because it’s only a semester long.

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Colonization Essay

Paige T.
World History
Colonization Essay
Negative Effects of European Colonization
European Colonization or Colonialism is when different countries from
Europe came to different parts of the world and took over. This happened in many different periods of time, from about the 1400s to the 1800s. The first period was 1400-1700. This was mainly caused by the Europeans wanting new resources from these different areas of the world. They established trade routes to gain these new products. The second part was in the 1800s, focused on the Europeans wanting more raw materials from these areas of the world. I think that European colonialism was more negative than positive. The Europeans took away and forced many things on different countries. They treated the people awfully in these countries. Continue reading Colonization Essay

Adversity Reflection

Throughout this adversity unit, I’ve learned a lot about the struggles that other people can go through that I might not know about.  Especially with Eleanor and Park, I learned that many things can be happening in other’s lives.  We must pay attention to other people to possibly know what they are going through, then we need to help them get through their struggles.  We should show the love of God through our actions towards others.  Galatians 6:2 states “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”  Adversity can also be very hard to escape for some people.  They may experience it at home as well as at school, so we need to be there for them if that could possibly be the case, even if other people don’t like us for it.  We also need to remember to tell others about adversity we are facing ourselves.  We can’t be isolated from society, like Eleanor was.  She didn’t really tell anyone about her struggles, which resulted in them only getting worse.  If she would’ve told people earlier, possibly she could’ve faced Richie and her mother with the help of people like Park, Beebi, and Denice.  We also need to realize that while adversity can be big or small, it effects everyone.  While I am not going through any super major adversities in my life, there are still struggles that I have to face every day.  Others, however, may face larger adversities, such as Eleanor in the book.  However, these adversities can effect everyone in virtually big ways.  It could be one major adversity or struggle that someone is going through in their life, or it could be many large struggles that add up to make someone snap.  We need to be there for people through these adversities.